Hello, world.

bakspace interactive is the company of Kristian Bak, a 38 y/o creative digital designer with 12 years of experience in games and IT, a bachelor of philosophy and masters in digital design and somaesthetics. My personal project is Gravity Break, a videogame about physics, economy and climate change, but I also do other work on the side. Get in touch through the links above.

I like to build games and dynamic interactive experiences in Unity, play around with VR and know how to fight code rot, leaking data structures and the smell of infinite ifs. I hate to build webpages (sorry) – but I am really passionate about creating fun, minimalist user experiences that makes you forget that you are working, learning or being subdued by nefarious powers that want your data.

Danish is my primary coding language, but I also work in english, C#, python, Java and (if I must) php. I have a solid sense of humor, good people skills and know how to communicate across different branches of your organisation. Using Scrum for too many years, I know how to work your Jira boards and finish your agile meeting structures to enhance engagement and collaboration across the team.

I do not shy away from networking, and I can tell other people how awesome your project is. If it isn’t awesome, I’ll help with that too.

You made it!
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