These are the nine games that I have worked on since 2010, and a list of the six gamejams I have participated in. I have been a designer, a developer and done some 2D and 3D art.

Gravity Break

My role: Solo designer, developer
Released as a prototype on WebGL 2020

Gravity Break is my hobby project, a game idea I have been playing with in my spare time since 2010. Explore the Solar System and gravity.

Try the prototype here: bakspace.itch.io/gravitybreak

Quantum Moves

My role: Game designer, developer
Released on iOS and Android in 2016

Play with a simulation of the superposition of an atom, solve quantum mechanical challenges and help build a quantum computer.

Created with quantum scientists from Aarhus University through ScienceAtHome, Quantum Moves was developed to gather data from a simulation of an energy potential containing a simulated superpostion of a Rubidium 87 atom. The player moves the energy wave and the superposition wobbles, showing how energy sorrounding an atom changes the possible positions of the atom.

The game gathered data from more than 50.000 users and was part of a publication in Nature.

Crystal Crop Fever

My role: Game designer, developer
Released on Windows and Mac 2018

Crystal Crop Fever was used by researchers to study how people collaborate and interact, which strategies are more prevalant and how they emerge.

Players discoer points in a landscape

The game is asynchronous multiplayer, each round all players select one tile to uncover, revealing an underlying value. The values were distributed in a “landscape”, much like a more ocmplicated game of Battleships, allowing the players to navigate the values in a meaningful way.

Make My Head Grow

My role: iOS port developer
Released on iOS in 2014

Two players battle to push the other off the cliff, using the momentum and size of their head to push the box they are contained in.

The game was first developed for Nordic Game Jam, and I did the iOS port while an intern at Funday Factory.

Butterfly Sky

My role: Level designer
Released on iOS in 2014

Jump on clouds and ather butterflies in the sky. A cute game made with Funday Factory, I got to create some of the configurations of the butterfly constellations.


My role: Frontend developer
Released on web 2014, support discontinued in 2020

You navigate the slums of manilla and learn about the political, economic and social challenges facing the inhabitants. Can you make it through a day of extreme poverty?


My role: 2D, 3D, development, design
Released as a solo project on Android Play Store in 2013


My role: Game designer
Released in collaboration with DADIU in 2011

Anton and the Catastrophe

My role: Game designer
Released in collaboration with DADIU 2010

Gamejam productions:

ProductionGamejamMy roleYear
Caveman gameGlobal Game Jam2D art2010
Nuclear SheppardsGlobal Game JamDesigner2011
Are We There Yet?Gamechanger GamejamDesigner, developer2014
First of the FinalLudum DareSolo developer2014
PlatformerNordic Game JamDeveloper2015
Leaky BoostersNordic Game JamDeveloper2016

Are We There Yet?

My role: Game designer, developer, 2D assets
Released on WebGL in 2014
Winner of audience award, Game Changer Game Jam 2014

Play it here: https://drainyard.itch.io/are-we-there-yet

As a child on the backseat, you escape the discussions among your parents through the window, only to find they keep arguing in your fantasy world.

The game won the audience award at Game Changer Game Jam 2014.