Hello, world.

Hello, world.

There is nothing more important than first steps. Making sure you nail the core concepts require attention to detail. Moving too fast, looking too far, will distract you and put your project at risk. Gradually building upon a solid foundation rather than rushing ahead and believe you can fix it all later will cause failure to cascade. Instead, you fail small and early, erasing everything that does not work, and then you take another step.

Digital design

I want to build digital artefacts and help you create the virtual experience you always wanted. I believe the only way is by allowing reflection and development to continue throughout the lifecycle of a system. Through common project management techniques, solid technical know-how and focused workshops, I am able to guide your product through every stage, from conception to release and beyond.


AR, VR, mobile or web. I am language agnostic and learning is part of any process. Do you want to explore a castle, show your customers a neat webshop or create an app that tells you when your cat goes to the bathroom, I can help you with that. My own project right now is to create educational simulations of society, to let more people understand the world we live in. I also like rockets.

If you have a dream, I can build it for you. When we need to, we’ll hire more specialised talent.

Check out my services for a description of what I can offer. Read my CV or portfolio if you want to make sure I can do what I say. Have a look through my design philosophy if you want to know what I’m thinking.

Contact me if you want to chat.